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Latest Fishing Technology And Fishing Gears
 by: Dylan Miles

Fish finder

Imagine youíre sitting out there on your fishing boat, you whip out a cool gadget you just bought from the Internet and after a couple of beeps, the device tells you that there is a school of fish some 3 meters or so away from you. Now, how cool can that be? Itís almost like an ultrasound scan of the sea or the lake that tells you exactly where the fish are.

But of course, this is not news because many different companies have developed their own ultrasound-like fish finding gadgets a long time ago. But Maptechís new i3 module is the first of its kind. Itís the first ever touch screen, hi-resolution 3D Fishfinger. Yes, you can literally see the kind of fish thatís swimming around under your boat, in super clear images and in real time.

The i3 Touch Screen command on the fishing gadget can help you navigate the floor of the lake or sea with a radar, combine it with satellite communication and a weather report too.

This is an absolutely MUST for those who seriously looking into easy-fishing.

Monofilament fishing lines

Thereís absolutely nothing worse than to have a fish on the hook and have the line snap! Well, no more snapping of fishing line with the latest development in monofilament fishing lines. Monofilament fishing lines come in a wide range of colors, sizes, thickness and strength. Although itís stronger than some of the other more conventional fishing lines, they are cheaper. Monofilament fishing lines comes with special coating that keeps them from snapping easily. The only thing is that they donít stretch as good as other types of fishing lines but they make up for it with their bulk and strength.

Monofilament fishing lines are also quite transparent over the water and hold knots pretty well.

Fashion is always cool too

Sometimes, cool has nothing to do with technology. Itís got more to do with the brain and Ďcreativityí. If your husband, brother, or father is a fishing fanatic, you can always get them fashionable fishing gear with extra pockets to place their scissors and hooks. Perhaps the water-proof raincoat with fluorescent streak for night fishing, perhaps. And how about the water-proof watch? Thatíll work perfectly. And how about an X-LOOP flash mirror polarized lens? Sunglasses for baking in the sun and raincoat for fishing in the rain are exceptionally cool gears we cannot ignore.

Letís take the sunglasses as an example. The sunglasses not only remove the glare and improve the quality of what you see with your naked eye, you see the same scene in deep colors and contrasts. These sunglasses are developed specifically for fishing enthusiasts.

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